Dave Street's Astro-Photography

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ic434nightscapeat6in42x10min40pct102414croppeddark.jpg m42qhy8maknewt22x10min102514-50pctdark.jpg ngc253qhy8orionmaknewt42x10min101614a.jpg m45nightscapeat6in38-10min1017-2514sigmed40pct.jpg m33qhy8maknewt51x10min1017-2514at50pctadj.jpg
IC434 or B33 The Horsehead Nebula M42 The Great Orion Nebula NGC253 The Sculptor Galaxy M45 Pleiades Star Cluster Nightscape M33 Triangulum or Pinwheel Galaxy
NGC281qhy8maknewt20x10min102514-50pct.jpg ngc7000stl11kfs60cf45-100714-001Ha50pcta.jpg heartandsoulstl11kfs60c101414.jpg cygnusstl11kfs60c101314.jpg m31qhy8maknewt100414-60pct.jpg
NGC281 Pacman Nebula North American and Pelican in Ha IC1848 and IC1805 Heart and Soul in Ha Cygnus Regaion in Hydrogen Alpha M31 The Great Andromeda Galaxy
m45qhy8maknewt100314-50pct.jpg NGC7293qhy8maknewt100114wide31.jpg ngc7023qhy8maknewt082714croppedc.jpg ngc7635qhy8maknewt082514cropped.jpg ngc7635qhy8maknewt082514.jpg
M45 The Pleiades Star Cluster NGC7293 The Helix Nebula NGC7023 the Iris Nebula NGC7635 Bubble Nebula in Cassiopeia NGC7635 - Bubble Nebula wide
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