Mike Schuster's Astro-Photography

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color scaled hargl_filtered.jpg Median m52ha.jpg IC5070narrowbandhaoiiisii-s.jpg Median ic5070hx916.jpg m42rgb copyAD.jpg
Cocoon Nebula DSI Bubble and M52 SX-HX916 IC5070 HX916 IC5070 Wide Angle M42 Orion Nebula
Median pacman_2_filtered.jpg Median-NGC2237HA_2hr_filterAD.jpg IC405, The Flamilng Star copy_AD.jpg bubblenebngc7635ha.jpg M42_1977rgb_filtered.jpg
NGC281 Pacman Nebula NGC2237 Rosette Nebula IC405 Flaming Star NCG7635 Bubble Nebula M42 and NGC1977
m67RGB_2007.jpg Horsehead_Nov2006 copyright_06.jpg flame_ha.jpg Horsehead.jpg Messier38_2122007ds.jpg
M67 Open Cluster Horsehead and Flame Flame Nebula Horsehead Nebula M38 Open Cluster
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DSI Pro II Imaging

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