Mike Schuster's Astro-Photography

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8-TomOharra'sRanch-February.jpg median-ic405_filtered.jpg M81_82-RGB.jpg horseheadandflameJan2008_filtered_filtered.jpg ic410bicolor_filtered_nov1.jpg
Mike Schuster and Rig Flaming Star Nebula M81 and M82   IC410 - The Tadpoles
IC-410-scaled_filtered1.jpg IC-1805-Heart-Nebula.jpg Comet17pHolmes_synLRGB_filt.jpg Full-Moon.jpg BiColorNGC6960-Deconvolved-_filtered.jpg
IC410 IC-1805 Heart Nebula Comet 17pHolmes Full Moon NGC6960
Messier45_synLRGB.jpg HelixNebula_Ha+rgb_filtered_9.15.2007.jpg Median-ngc6910_filtered.jpg NGC6910duotone.jpg Messier8_ha_dsipII_filtered.jpg
Messier 45 the Pleiades Helix Nebula NGC6910 - Ha NGC6910 Colorized M8 Lagoon Nebula DSI Pro II Ha
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DSI Pro II Imaging

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